Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 More Sleeps!!

Hello! I am finally done all my Christmas baking! A few tins full to pass out over the next couple of weeks :) Finally the DEEPFREEZE is over.. and the sun is shining bright. Who knew that -13 could feel so absolutley warm and balmy! The cold was good.. since we had to stay in..we got the baking done, but after a week of it, one starts to feel housebound.

And the monsters... they tend to go a bit crazy!
So, to keep them somewhat occupied, we set out to make Whipped Shortbread. This recipe again is not mine, it was passed on from someone at somepoint, and I have been making it for a few years now. It's the Best Ever, Melt in Your Mouth, Whipped Shortbread!
We did a practice run for Santa. This is "Thee Plate", and "Thee Cookies" that we are sure the Big Guy will absolutely love! Try em out if you like....
Whipped Shortbread Cookies
1 lb Butter
1 Cup Icing Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
3 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Cornstarch
Preheat Oven to 350F
Blend butter (a bit) with mixer to soften. Add vanilla and mix.
Slowly, add icing sugar, flour, and cornstarch (continually
mix the whole time while adding dry ingredients).
Beat well with electric mixer.
Drop by spoonfulls onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
A new recipe to add to our Christmas List is this one... Yum Yum for your coffee. There are no pictures in the process because it got a bit messy, and Dinnon & Domo had to be set aside so they didn't get near the rum. They were a little sad they weren't allowed to taste test... Monsters are kids, and kids don't get rum. But.. I let them label the jars, which is seriously important!
One "key" ingredient that you need is gelatin, which I had major troubles finding. Innisfail doesn't seem to carry such a thing, but I think the place to find it is in amongst the canning stuff. Somewhere along the spice aisle there is usually a place just for pickling supplies and jam supplies, that is where you can find it.
It's like a creamer for your coffee, and as soon as I took a sip I said..Oh.. Yummm! It makes quite a few jars, which keep in the fridge for 5 weeks, and are awesome little somethings to pass out to family and friends, even neighbors :) You can even decoate them with a ribbon or two :)
Yum Yum For Your Coffee
1 Litre Whipping Cream
2 Envelopes of Gelatin
1 Cup Cold Water
12 Egg Yolks
2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Rum
Canning Jars
Whip cream until stiff, and refrigerate. In a saucepan add
gelatin to 1 cup of cold water, let stand 2 minutes. Heat on low
until it comes to a boil, then remove from heat and let stand.
In a bowl, beat yolks, adding sugar gradually over the next 5
minutes. Add gelatin in thin stream to yolk mixture.
Fold in whip cream, and add rum. Mix. Fill jars.
Date and refrigerate for up to 5 weeks.
Makes approximately 10 - 500 ml jars
Add to your coffee to taste.
And of course we have been playing with lego too! Our advent calendar has had some really fun pieces in it, and we set out to make a bit of a Christmas setting. Dinnon's favorite thing is the skating rink. It's funny to see the different positions the skaters are in each day.
We have a festive little house, complete with a smokey chimney, snowmen, and trees. If you look close you can see the fireman on the ladder making sure all the lights are in good working order on the Christmas Tree.
Presents being delivered, a little boy playing in the snow, and Santa even cruising around on his snowmobile! He uses that instead of his sleigh before Christmas so the reindeer can rest up before the big night!
Yes, only 9 more sleeps! So exciting! And this weather! Equally as exciting! Dinnon, Klip, and Domo pulled out the "snowman kit", and can't wait to get building!
Come back tomorrow.... There will be Yummy Nuts and Bolts!


  1. Hey, only a year late, BUT you can get this at the Co-op. Look by the Jello. I might have to try out that Yum Yum stuff!

  2. I made yum yum today, I'll tell you how I like it tomorrow ;)

  3. It's quite nice with your coffee :)
    Thanks for the tips about Co-op! I could not find it anywhere last year! I finally got some from a friend of a friend.