Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It is really starting to feel Christmassy around here since the recent snowfalls. Thankfully our outside lights were put up early, and they are looking extra lovely twinkling through the snow. We also managed to put up our tree this weekend. It's not decorated, but up, and I am good with that for now. Our cats seem to rather enjoy the tree as well, so before we dangle anything off a branch, keeping a close eye on them, and a water bottle near, seems to be going pretty alright.
Dinnon also has a tree, a perfect little tree. You may have seen the odd mini monster perched on a branch here or there at the last craft sale. A little garland, and some multi colored lights were great on it, but he was insistant that it needed a star, so a star he set out to make.

A monstery star of course. As with monsters, it had to have a bit of personality, so with a little felt and buttons ....
A perfect one was created :) It really is the cutest little addition right to the top.

A quick group shot from this morning. I have been working away at getting a variety of things together for this weekend. I will be at the Red Deer Christmas Bazaar at the Westerner from 10 to 4 on Saturday. Admission is a non perishable food donation, or a cash donation to the Christmas Bureau. There will be 200 hand crafted vendors there! I have never been to this craft sale, and can't wait to take a peek at all the different things!
I am also happy to say that Corinne from Rocky Mountain Flowers now has some of my little crew in her awesome flower shop! Yay! Not only is there flowers, but lots of great unique gifts. You can find out a few more details about her store online, or on her Facebook Page.
A newbie in our house. Meet Riggus. Riggus is obviously made from a magic mitten..and although he looks a bit angry, he is rather cheerful, yet odd, and fits in quite well! I hope to make some buddies for him to high five in the near future.
I have all these new socks just waiting for me, and I am hoping tonight I will be able to get to them. Along with a blanket, and possibly a chicken or two.

Have a great week! And be sure to check out the Christmas Bazaar this weekend!

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  1. hmmmmm, Carol, I love all these stufd critters, they look nothing like Dawa, however. I suggest you add my blog to your list...I will do the same with yours. I just opened an Etsy store (nothing in it) called, of course, PetuniaGirl.