Wednesday, January 6, 2010


6 Day in..and 2010 has been pretty swell so far :) Back to school for the kids today, so that makes it pretty much perfect now. Everyone is back to routine! Woo Hoo! We have a birthday to celebrate this Friday, and then it's official.. 4 teenagers in our house!
I am attempting to make a cake for the "Twilight" themed party on Friday, so there was a bit of extra. Of course we had to have mini cupcakes with pretty icing and sprinkle for desert..on a there anything better? Monsters of course love cake,and icing...who doesn't??? We are looking forward to having a few friend & family over for a visit and lots of cake!
Speaking of friends..remember Babo.. ? He made a new friend over Christmas. Meet Wedgehead, she is perfectly pink, with 2 spikey teeth, and loves to chat, about anything!
Dinnon, maybe not so overly chatty lately. But this is what we are up to.... not much. I have been distracted from sewing, and finally got all my socks piled up. So I am hoping to get sewing tonight, and have some new monsters posted on my Etsy site by the end of the week.
I finally got my new felt order, so many bright pretty colors! I am always experimenting with different fabrics for the eyes, bellies, ect. I find some wear much different than others. Lately, I have been using this felt, I would love feedback on how it is holding up.
My LITTLE craft space.. in my basement, semi out of the way. I am really hoping to expand this at some point this year. If you look passed..into the little room to the left, we currently have a tool/scrapbooking/storage/freezer/whatever room, and with a little tlc, and a garage for my hubby, I hope to make it my own space in 2010!
I also hope to get a bunch of this sewn up, all my felt, flannel, and sweaters! I have been stockpiling jeans for awhile now, and should soon have enough for a rag blanket.
So things have been pretty quiet. Christmas is all put away, we are back to bedtimes and making lunches, and what I try to encourage (or harrass) everyone to read! Reading is a pretty big routine in our house, and even Klip decided to join in. Although, I am not sure if his book of choice, was of interest, or just to try to prove a point?
Hope you are having a great week! And check back soon, new monsters and stuff on the way!

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