Monday, January 18, 2010

And The Winner Is......

Hello! Finally I have the chance to post the results from my draw on Friday!

I had 19 entries in total, a couple were entered twice for being blog followers as well :)

Some people seemed a little unsure of Question #1.. Name 3 Things That Monsters Like! There was a pretty good variety.. Cake, Sprinkle, and New Years, Good Friends, Icing, Spaghetti, Hot Chocolate! A couple little people even consulted with their current monsters to find out they also love Pizza, Sleeping, and Reading!
Dinnon wrote out everyone's names on some of his favorite colors. He pride's himself on neat printing, so this took a bit of time. Neat printing and writing is VERY important!
Domo threw them all in a cup and swirled them a bit, shook them from left to right, he even attempted to do a kart-wheel with the cup, but he lost his balance, the tags flew out of the cup, it was a bit of a disaster... but, it mixed them up really well!
And finally Dinnon drew the name! Klip is very good at doing the drumroll, and that was his sole purpose in this whole thing.

And the Winner is... Karen from Ponoka! Congratulations!!

I personally don't know Karen, but I am happy to pass on a little monster for her!

Thanks to everyone who entered! And thanks for following! Keep reading, there will be more contests this year!

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