Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow, I can't believe we are 2/3rd's through January already!! How is everyone doing with their resolutions? Or.. did we even make them? I really try not to. Or I try not to make ones that I just say, and do not do. Such as.. Dieting, Working Out, Saving Money.. I remember when I was young, it was simple things like, flossing. ha! If only those were the worries now. Which reminds me.. I need to get on my kids about flossing.

Of course being healthy, eating healthy, and working out are ALWAYS there on my list, in the back of my mind, taunting me day in and day out. I made a few other ones this year.. like, learn how not to kill every plant in my house. So far, I have a pretty blooming Hyacinth! First time, EVER! Klip has quite the little green thumb, so he has been advising me, so far, so good :)
While we have been indoor gardening, Domo and Dinnon have been working out. It is many peoples resolutions, as well as a few monsters. They are ever so inspiring.. and remind me daily that just 20 minutes a day, goes a long way.
While they work out, I watch American Idol, and crochet. This may involve some Drumstick pie ....... I will share that recipe with you in the near future. I know I need to change this habit, but I still have the winter blahs, and am lacking motivation. Well, for working out that is.. crochet, is inspiring, this is a neat new pattern that I picked up from Sarah London's site, called "Squiggle Crochet".
And of course, I have been sewing up a few more monsters. I did get the chance to post a few more on my etsy site this morning, and I am sure you will notice that my prices have upped a bit. After a "review" I have decided to up my prices a wee bit and hope that they are still worth the extra to everyone :)
At the moment, I am working on Valentine's Monsters. I pulled out a pile of my reds, pinks, hearts, and even threw in a couple regulars for some more neutral colors, all full of love, of course.
I have grown attached to this first little guy...

He really has the cutest little eye I ever did see! Hope you are having a great week!

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