Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Otis

Hello! Happy FRIDAY! Yay!
I love Fridays.. and well, monsters love Fridays too,
because it means it's one more sleep until Cartoon Saturday!
I wanted to introduce you to our new little friend named Otis.
Otis is from "The Monkey Factory", and was created
by the lovely Monique ----> Monique the Monkey Lady :)
He is a super cute, super friendly aquarius, who is lots of fun!
Klip was immediately attatched to him.
I love his cute little tag, and his perfect little monkey ears!

They didn't really get time to visit until later last night,
so they chatted over a snack.. Otis got to pick.

Read a bedtime story. Domo loves to read, and they all love
listening to all his character voices :)

And then they settled in for the night.
Monsters and Monkeys LOVE to snuggle!
Otis can't wait to go to the park this weekend! He is
going to show Domo how to hang on the monkey bars ;)
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sock Stuff

Helllllooo, Happy Tuesday :)

I have a wee bit of a "monster process", which is to basically to sew up a bunch of bodies, and if my pattern permits, then I make the arms out of the same sock, sometimes I don't have enough, sometimes I do. Then I make a lovely little pile beside my machine, and once I have a pile, I flip, stuff, and stitch. Stitch em closed, stitch their lips, and stitch their arms on.
It seems to work pretty good. I used to do one at a time, finished the WHOLE monster... but it wasn't really time efficient. The only time when it doesn't work great, is when I get to the stitch part and one of the arms are gone! happening alot lately. We have found arms everywhere. In the bathroom, back entry, one was even found in the cats water dish (yuck).'s because my darling little Finnigan has found a new love for my sewing table, and my monsters.
And..this little monster in particular. This is Ima.. she is a super TINY little monster I made at Christmas this year, belonging to our daughter. Finny goes in to her room every day now, and bites Ima, and off she goes with her. Although Ima doesn't mind the travelling per say.. she doesn't care much for the teeth, and the fact that Finny has nearly ripped her arm off.
I went to perform monster surgery last night, and.. Ima was missing again! Finally I have fixed her, and explained to Finny to stay away, we'll see if it works.
She really is super tiny, a perfect cat size really, she easily packs her in her mouth.. she has a kinda cute obsession with her.. only kinda though.

I kick her off this table 10 time a day, and could very well imagine that while I am here at work, she is not standing guard ..but right up on top, pushing thing over looking for arms to steal!

I luckily found enough parts to finish a dozen or so monsters,
and posted them on my Facebook Page in the adoption album :)

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Ahh, the weather is SO nice, and we are praying that indeed spring is here, although the weather said something about snow.. yuck! We have been faithfully checking the flower beds for some flower like form, but nothing as of yet.

In the meantime, the tulips seems to be rather plentiful at the store (and relatively cheap) so I picked up a few bunches to brighten my kitchen table.
Spring also means markets are right around the corner and will be starting up VERY soon! I won't be attending the Innisfail Market this year, but do hope to be at the Red Deer one, on a bi-weekly basis, I will post dates as I know what they are :)

The monsters are all good, and of course love to be festive, so we set out to make some St. Patty's cupcakes! Domo rummaged through the costume containers, and found all kinds of hats, and bowties even! He also has a new friend since the last time we posted, his name is Gumby, and although they are quite different, they both LOVE ponies!
So we made up Yellow Buttermilk Cupcakes with Fluffy GREEN Vanilla icing. Topped with pretty green sparkles of course! They won't last long :-)

Some green kool-aid (monsters of course don't drink beer), possibly green pancakes for supper (that is the request), and cupcakes for desert is the perfect monstery way to celebrate!
Happy St. Patty's Day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yay Canada!

Hello! Wow, 2 weeks have passed so very quickly! A few weeks back I attended the "Handmade for Haiti" craftshow which was a nice Saturday. Met some new people with awesome talent, cool stuff, and raised a little money for the Red Cross :)

Then the olympics started. I have to admit, that I have never been so tuned into the olympics before as I was with the ones this year. They were great! I personally loved the mogul's, speedskating, as well as the curling!

Dinnon..he loved the hockey! It's taken us a few days to recover after the last hockey game where "Sid the Kid" scored the GOLD! Of course we knew Canada was going to win, but it was a bit of a white knuckler! The 2010 Olympic Mascots.. cute little critters named Sumi, Miga, and Quatchi were also well researched in our house. Dinnon found "their site" and even took a brief quiz on it, finding out he is most like Quatchi! Quatchi loves hockey as well, and one day hopes to be a goalie! You can read all about the mascots here.

So that is pretty much all that has been going on. We have scheduled most of our days around olympic events. Alot of sitting, so I multi tasked..and worked on my crochet!

And finally completed my summer garden granny blanket, which is one of Lucy's patterns from Attic 24. She has all kinds of awesome tutorials and patterns!

A quick close up. I just love it! And can't wait to get started on another one.. or perhaps finish one that I know I already have started :)
Have a great week!