Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Otis

Hello! Happy FRIDAY! Yay!
I love Fridays.. and well, monsters love Fridays too,
because it means it's one more sleep until Cartoon Saturday!
I wanted to introduce you to our new little friend named Otis.
Otis is from "The Monkey Factory", and was created
by the lovely Monique ----> Monique the Monkey Lady :)
He is a super cute, super friendly aquarius, who is lots of fun!
Klip was immediately attatched to him.
I love his cute little tag, and his perfect little monkey ears!

They didn't really get time to visit until later last night,
so they chatted over a snack.. Otis got to pick.

Read a bedtime story. Domo loves to read, and they all love
listening to all his character voices :)

And then they settled in for the night.
Monsters and Monkeys LOVE to snuggle!
Otis can't wait to go to the park this weekend! He is
going to show Domo how to hang on the monkey bars ;)
Have a great weekend!

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