Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello :) I know April is not "technically" over yet, but I am going to review the month today as I am sure this week is going to fly by and then we will be into May!
April has been a busy month, they all seem to be busy around here though. We had one birthday in the fam, which was my dad's .. so of course..we had cake :) Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing turned into this shaggy green golf cake :) Inspired by the talented Lyndsay from CoCo Cupcakes ! ---> Check out her blog if you get a chance, sooo awesome!
I have been working away at sewing. My first market is about 3 weeks away, and I have about a million socks to sew! Variety is good though...RIGHT? :)
So I started out with a rainbow of little monsters. I cranked up my new Michael Buble cd (love it) and stitched my day away. Michael (we are of course on a first name basis now), is not only an awesome jazzy singer, but he is some definite eye candy as well :)
I had a pretty productive day as I was in the "zone". The kids went swimming with Grandma, my hubby had a lazy sunday, and I sewed. But this is the pile that I am up against. I try to make rules for myself. But no matter where I go, I find socks!
So for the next couple of days I will be settling in each night to finish up this bucket. These monsters are all ready to go, they have arms and mouths, and just need faces :) I picked up the first season of Glee to keep me occupied while I sew. Monsters LOVE to sing, so they figured this would be perfect!
Aside from monsters, I am still of course crocheting. I LOVE crochet, and can't seem to get enough of it! Right now I am working on an "African Flower" pattern which I found on Flicker, by Elizabeth Cat.
And also.. random different granny squares. As I was cruising through flickrville I came across a "SIBOL" project, and thought.. what a cool idea! So I am hoping to pitch in for that as well.
Cake, Crochet, Monsters, Glee, Michael.. phew! If only my day job didn't get in the way ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

Hello :) Things are a little slow in our monstery world,
but on May 15th, we will be at the Markerville Spring Craft Show!
So.. I need to get sewing, sewing, sewing.
Markets start the end of NEXT MONTH as well. Eep!
The Markerville Creamery Spring Sale with run from 10 to 3,
starting at 9 with a yummy pancake breakfast! Dinnon
can't wait, although I try to limit his syrup, I once caught him
chugging out of the bottle!I will post more in the weeks to come :) The weather has been sooo windy! So we tried to
make the best of it, and took the kids and Dinnon
kite flying. We spent a good hour at the park running
with thekites, and although we nearly froze, we had fun.
Even though it was windy, it was a pretty,clear day.
Hopefully spring will be here SOON,although the wind
is good for flying kites, we would much rather have sunshine :)
Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Hello! It's a lovely spring day, & we finally have one
crocus coming up in the flower beds. Yay! With the sunny forecast
we should be seeing more very soon!
Of course monsters LOVE Easter. Anything to do
with chocolate and bunnies is almost a perfect kind of day for
them. They set out early in the back yard this morning to find
eggs after Klip said he saw someone hopping around out there.
A couple of bunnies and a few egg and
they were well on their way :)

Then.. all of sudden as Domo was scooping up all he could find,
Dinnon pointed up, Domo looked, and there were BUNNY EARS!!
Could it be?? The Easter Bunny was STILL here??
Domo tried to sneak around tree,
but in a blink the bunny was gone!

Pink ears though.. the Easter Bunny MUST be a girl?
They always thought it was a boy.. kinda like Peter Cotton Tail.
But clearly these ears were pink,
they will be talking about it for days!
It's already been a perfect day, and it's only 9 am!
An Easter Bunny sighting, and LOTS of chocolate!
We hope the Easter Bunny is Good to you!
Have a Happy Happy Easter!