Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

Hello :) Things are a little slow in our monstery world,
but on May 15th, we will be at the Markerville Spring Craft Show!
So.. I need to get sewing, sewing, sewing.
Markets start the end of NEXT MONTH as well. Eep!
The Markerville Creamery Spring Sale with run from 10 to 3,
starting at 9 with a yummy pancake breakfast! Dinnon
can't wait, although I try to limit his syrup, I once caught him
chugging out of the bottle!I will post more in the weeks to come :) The weather has been sooo windy! So we tried to
make the best of it, and took the kids and Dinnon
kite flying. We spent a good hour at the park running
with thekites, and although we nearly froze, we had fun.
Even though it was windy, it was a pretty,clear day.
Hopefully spring will be here SOON,although the wind
is good for flying kites, we would much rather have sunshine :)
Happy Wednesday!

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