Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cupcakes n' Stuff

Happy Tuesday! The long weekend quickly came and went,
and although we had semi crappy weather, I have definitely
seen worse! Thankfully no snow :)
I didn't get up to much over the weekend. The morning was a little
brisk, so no market for me. But we did set out to do a little baking!
Rainy days + Cupcakes = Awesome :)
I tried out some Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, with a Peanut Butter
type Buttercream (a mouthful in itself).. yum! If you like Reece's
Pieces.. you will LOVE these! Once I get the recipe down pat,
since I added a bit of this,and a tad of that,
I will be sure to post for you to try it out!
We did lots of snuggling with these little cuties too! I will be
sad when they are off to their new homes in a weeks time :(
Sooo super cute. Dinnon.. he stayed home, although the
kitties LOVE him, the feeling is so not mutual.

And I spent most of my evenings vegging out with the fam,
watching some tv, and crocheting.

Circles.. in all colors and sizes.

A lovely little rainbow of color. The plan is to have this all
come together in a polk a dot type blanket,
I am hoping 2 weeks tops and it should be done :)
Have a great week!!

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