Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cake, Flowers, & SNOW!!

Hiya :) A quick peek outside this morning, and yes, it's quite white here. According to the forecast it's supposed to stop this morning, but then wind will continue :( This is the 2nd snow storm now in a week..and it's MAY! Maybe that will mean mother nature is getting it all out of her system now, and we can have a bright, sunny, planting fest on May Long? MAYBE!
Like everyone else..Dinnon can't believe it. He decided he is for surely having a snow day, this is "inside day" weather. I was hoping to have the same thing, but unfortunately my boss didn't agree ;) Dinnon was hoping to have a "Lilly Reveal" really soon. We found them early this week, sprouting up like crazy! Here they are this morning.... the moisture will be good for them, right?
The kids have been saying, April showers bring May flowers, but I am not sure what May snow brings.
Even though the weather is yucky. It's May 4th, and our dear friend Kylee Marie is celebrating a milestone birthday day! So we whipped up a Mocha Cake last night, Dinnon added the sprinkles, he loves that part, and now we patiently await until after dinner to have a piece. That is a long long wait in his monstery little world, but I assured him that it would be BEST to wait :)
I am still working away at my monsters, and hoping to get a few more things sewn up for the Markerville Spring Craft Sale, more on that in the days to come. Currently I have been working away at these little crochet slippers as well. A couple little flowers added to the fronts and they should be complete :)
Have a lovely day! If at all possible.. stay in.. snuggle up, and for surely watch Glee! It's so Awesome!!

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