Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello! This week is flying by! As you may have read a couple of days ago, we will be attending the Season Opening of Markerville this Saturday from 9 to 3. You can read more about it here. So of course I am not quite ready. I had hopes of making another blanket, a few more chickens, and even possibly a new pillow. I haven't had one on my table in FOREVER. Hopefully soon.
I have a bucket of monsters yet to be tagged, but they are ready to go! This big guy though, he is missing something, I can't decide what really, maybe some eyebrows?
And I have 3 little ones to finish, and that is it for sewing ( I hope). I say that.. then I get started on something else. I plan to finish these up tonight, tag them, & pack up. It would be nice to be ready a whole day in advance rather that 10 or so minutes :) I always look at this though and think, just ONE more! A quick trip through my flowerbeds this morning, and I am seeing ALOT of green . My hostas are popping up, my day lillies, and my tiger lillies are well on there way too! Yay! I did buy a few pots, everday I lug them outside, and every eve back in again.
I have tonnes more things to share with you. We made Cake Pops, YUM, a Strawberry Shortcake Cake.. for a super cute 3 year old, with really cool rainbow cupcakes, an awesome new website discovery with all thing sugary, some crochet.. and more flowery goodness.
Hopefully very soon!

Have a great Friday, and if you love pancakes (monsters do) come out to Markerville for a $4 Pancake Breakfast & check out the Spring Market!

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