Tuesday, June 29, 2010

400 Fans! Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone for joining my FB Page!
As promised, now that we have reached 400 fans, you can
enter to win a FREE monster :)

Please submit your answers, along with your name
to my email : bslager@telus.net by Friday July 9th,
and you will be entered.


1. How can you disguise yourself?
2. Who is Sam's son?
3. What did Melroy, Leonard, & Winston all have?
4. Dinnon is SUPER excited to see Bella on
Thursday... what might he be doing?

Good Luck!

(P.S).. you can find all the answers in my blog :))
(P.S.S... that's a lie, #4 is not posted in my blog,
just take a wild guess :))
(P.S.S.S ---> You do not in any way have to have
the 'right' answer, there is no specifics to be entered.
Any answers will qualify you :))

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