Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disguise Yourself with a Stache!

Hello! Happy Rainy Thursday. They say tomorrow the sun
should be shining brightly, I hope they are right!

So.. mustaches are a pretty hot topic in our house. My hubby
has one, my boys are trying to grow one, and I am trying to
prevent one from EVER happening :) ha!

These mustaches though.. are super fun, super easy!
I found a link or two, you can download some different
templates here and here. Or, just wing it!

Supplies you will need :
- Felt ( I got some sturdy felt from Michael's)

I also picked up a sheet of brown foam as well.

- Hot glue gun / glue sticks

- Popsickle sticks or 1/4 " dowel

- Scissors

So I set out and drew up a few different types.
A chico stash, a Fu Man Chu, Hulk Hogan's, Long Ones,
Short Ones, Skinny Ones, Fat Ones!

Cut them out ....

Glue your sticks to the back ....

And Voila! Have a photoshoot! :O)

Pictured here is Derkinshnaw, he felt extra

Debonaire with this stash ;)

Check out some super fun Stash Stuff ----> Here :)

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