Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Hiya! Happy JUNE! Hard to believe it's June with this chilly
weather! I am not a fan of +30, but in June, I am not
so much a fan of rain &+3, with frost at night!

It's been so windy, and blustery out, that I am really hoping this
weekend will pull through with some sunshine! The weatherman
seems to change his story alot though.
This is all my market stuff. Buckets, table cloth, monsters
( I do feel bad for holding them hostage in that container,
but they reassure me they are fine). I have had this packed
up for a couple of weeks now, and the weather has just
not been nice enough to make it to the Red Deer Market.
Rain the first week, and SNOW last week. Ack!
Maybe this weekend, ---> Hopefully!
I haven't been up to alot of sewing, I am not really sure where
the days go sometimes. I have a few newbies to finish off. And a few bodies that need to be stuffed, & a huge pile of socks,
but I am lacking some motivation currently, I need some sun,
and happy Monster Adoption :)
My supplies are plentiful, and I hope to get to a market soon!
I have signed up for a few new ones this year in Bentley,
Sylvan Lake, and Red Deer :) I will post when I know what
days I will be attending. Weather will be a factor with a couple.
I have also been crocheting , and have turned all my
colorful circles into squares, & stithced together. I am
currently working on the edging, and once it's blocked
& finished, I will post a final pic :)

Hope you are having a great week!

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