Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello! Happy Friday Again!
Looks like a sunny weekend :) Although, I
could go for a little rain.. since it's snowing
poplar fuzz in my yard. :-O
I have been working away at some newbies.
today from 4 to 7:30. And possibly Red Deer
tomorrow. I will post on my FB page
if I plan on attending for sure :)
I had to go sock shopping for some little guys
yesterday, and found some awesome new
ones :) So those will be appearing soon!It's been a busy week! I did up this
cute little Lady Bug, and 4 Dozen Cupcakes
(yes.. 48) for a super cute little 2 yr old.
Happy Birthday Lily!
I hope you have an awesome day!

And lasty.. I am super excited to report
400 Facebook fans on my page! I will
be posting a little something to enter
to win a FREE monster soon!
Stay tuned! And thanks so much for joining!


  1. Lily says THANK YOU SOO MUCH Miss Bonnie Monster Lady!!! <3

  2. Your welcome Miss Lily :) I hope you got LOTS of icing :)