Monday, July 5, 2010


Hello! Happy Monday :)
As posted last week, I had a craft sale on
Saturday in Sylvan Lake, in which I met
some lovely, lovely ladies :) All of which are involved with Etsy, and the
Alberta Street Team :) So I decided to jump
on the bandwagon, and join their group AND get
some monstery goodness up on Etsy.

The above 7 monsters were all listed today. Yay!

I have alot of "Etsyness" to learn, please bear with me.
In your spare time check out a few fellow crafters...

Abby with My Happy Home
Lisa with My Other Life
Meg with The Meg Shop
Candy with Maceme

And.. of course STUF'D :D

P.S. You only have 4 more sleeps to enter to
win the FREE monster!! If you haven't already
done so... I'm waiting :)


  1. I love etsy! One of my sister's has a Etsy store Red Raven Crafts, she sells the coolest hats!

  2. I have seen some of her hats! Kat right?
    I will have to check out her site!

  3. wow, I love your creatures, they are soooooo cute!