Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hello! Happy HOT Friday. 28 today, Yikes! It's gonna
be a scorcher! The monsters, they love the heat, their
fabulous sprinkler jumpers, and perfectly dry off
afterwards in the sun :) They say bring on the popsicles! I came across these cute little socks, and was really hoping
the at I wouldn't have to cut any of the reptiles out of them
to get their little body shape.And here they are! Tattooed Monsters! I know the little croc guy
is upside down.. but that just add more character.. right? :)I have had a busy week, trying to get up my stock..
and my least favorite part... is the arms.
I have been told, that babies sometimes SUCK the arms off,
and of course, that is a choking hazard! So, I do have a few
armless little monster people around :)

A moment to catch you up :

I have my Etsy shop open, and 7 monsters are awaiting adoption.
Etsy is a little complicated,and there is ALOT to learn!

I joined the Alberta Street Team, and the awesome ladies there
have give me tonnes of info to help me out! Thanks!

Today is the LAST Day to enter to win a FREE Monster!
So, if you haven't already done so, check out this post. I will
posts the results this Sunday!

Today from 4 to 7:30 I will be at the Sylvan Farmer's Market
Tomorrow from 8 to 12:30, I will be at the Red Deer Market
And July 17th, I will be at the Sylvan Artisan Market from 10 to 4

Have a super fab weekend!

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