Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunny, Sunny Days

Hello! Happy Wednesday!
A few summery thing happening. Flowers are in
FULL bloom! And there has been a wee bit of
suntanning too. Klip isn't "into" it much, but
Domo ..he bought these super cool frog glasses,
and he loves to hang out on the patio!
Of course they are not only super stylish, but they
have awesome UV protection as well.
I took a quick peek through my flower beds, and
even though we have had ALOT of rain, everything is
nearly blooming, my lillies are just on the verge of
all opening. Yay!
These are Dinnon's favorites.. I am not entirely sure
of the name of lilly, but I did assure him he should
not be climbing them --> he didn't listen.
Beware : You should not try this at home.
He is now covered with all this lovely
orange powder from the centers.
He will definitely be needing a bath.

Hope you are having a great week!

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