Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello! Happy Friday! I haven't been to the Enchanted Forest for about
18 years (ack). So we had to make the stop, it seems
not matter what age you are, it is quite
the intruiging little place.
The kids wanted to go in... but Dinnon refused!
We of course stopped and Read EVERY Nursery Rhyme.
Even as teenagers, all in tune they would go
from one to the next.
Dinnon was super excited to meet the old lady who
lived in a shoe. He thought she was nice, rather quiet :)
It was by far his most favorite part of the trip.
Everything was "Dinnon Size".. he was definitely
enchanted. He couldn't wait to tell Domo about
The 3 Bears, 3 Blind Mice, and the dish, that
ran away with the spoon!
Lastly we followed the Yellow Brick Road,
but Dorothy was no where to be found, and
the Lion wouldn't come out :(

Have a great weekend!!

Unfortunately I will NOT be at the Red Deer
Market tomorrow. It's a wee bit smokey for
the monsters! Next week though!

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