Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday Conclusion

Hello! Happy Wednesday!
A short post to finish up our holiday, and then
I will update you later in the week on some
new monstery stuff :)
Another favorite : Goats on the Roof Market
It's called that.. because there are GOATS
right on the roof :) It's so awesome there! The baking,
the pottery, the baking.. :) hehe If you are ever in
Coombs, you must check it out!
Early in the mornings when the tide was low we were able to
walk along the rocks and found all kinds of cool starfish!
The kids found a few crabs,
and these groovy green guys, not sure what they are
called, but they are super awesome :)

All in all, our trip was awesome. We had a great time, and

were surrounded by great company :) We did ALOT of driving,

but as you can see, it was pretty comfy :)

See you soon!!

(P.S. Hi Tristan :) Love you!)

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