Thursday, September 9, 2010

September :)

Hello! Happy September :)
I can't believe we are nearly at the 1/2 way mark!
I am happy to report 4 darling children settled back in
SCHOOL. Yahoo! I love routine :)
I am still doing the odd Red Deer market, as long as
the weather permits. It's pretty dark and chilly most
mornings, brrr. Definitely feels like fall! I am working away
to get my stock up for 7 Fall / Christmas shows this year.
The most I have ever done.. I pray I didn't overbook.
So far.. the above is my setup at home...
A little closer look at some newbies :) I have already fallen
in love with one, and am not sure if I can part with him!
I have also gotten a wee bit of crochet done lately. This super
cute giraffe, and duck.. since this photo I have completed an
elephants, and part of a bear. All free patterns from lionbrand!

So as the weather keeps cooling off, I will be posting whether
or not I will be at the Red Deer Market.

My first craft show later this month :
September 25th, from 10 to 4
Carstairs Pumpkin Festival :)

This will be my FIRST time attending, and since
Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year,
I can't wait!

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