Friday, October 8, 2010

Candy Turkeys!!

Hiya :) Happy Friday, and a long weekend too! Woo Hoo!
Tomorrow will be the very last Red Deer Market!
We'll be there from 8 to 12:30 :)

For Thanksgiving, I thought I would share these
cute little turkeys with you.

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine, showed me
these and now they are a thanksgiving tradition :)

They are super cute place settings at the dinner table!

All you need is these few ingredients :
- Candy Corn
- Chocolate Icing
- Lindor Chocolate Balls
- Mr. Christie Chocolate Wafers
Firstly put your icing in a piping bag with a small tip, or
even in a ziploc bag, and snip a tiny bit of the corner off.
Then with a steak knife, cut the bottom portion off of each
cookie, as shown. You will need 2 of these for each turkey.
Then, around the edge put a wee bit of icing, for
the candy corn to stick too :)
Place the candy around the edge in a fan, pressing into the
icing to make the feathers. Let this dry for approximately
10 minutes before handling them.
Then apply a line of icing along the bottom of the back piece,
as well as along the edge of the bottom piece, and a little
dot of icing to add the lindor ball to. You have to do this
little step relatively quick. Once you have the back
and the bottom together, pop the little ball on there
to act as a bit of a prop, so the back doesn't fall off.
Then I prop it up again something, to hold it in place
while the icing sets. Once you have all your turkeys
together, you can personalize them, and then add a little
dot of icing to the top, and a little red m&m.
And Voila! Done! Super Cute & Tasty :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Those are awesome... and I love that monster :)

  2. Thanks Jen :) Domo (that monster) is not a stuf'd creation, but rather a cartoon character, but he fits right in!