Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Hi! Happy November! And.. a warm sunny November so
far! Woo Hoo! Halloween was awesome as always!
Super nice night for all the little trick or treaters :)
We did a little carving... 5 pumpkins to be exact :)
They all turned out super awesome! We even ended up
having a little in house competition. Dinnon was more
interested in the guts, and picking out the seeds.
We made up treat bags with playdough, and pencils.
SUPER fun erasers.. cause every kid wants those on
halloween ;) Dinnon wore his costume all weekend (he's
crazy like that sometimes) and discovered that Kit Kat's
are his most FAVORITE candy every. Perfect for sharing :)
We did a little tricking :)
And made some brainy lemonade...YUM! I hope you all had an awesome halloween!

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