Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi :) I wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone
who adopted a little monster over the last month or so.
Monday was my last craft sale for the season!

I have about 20ish left, so if you need a monster, you can
get in touch with me via email (

Or of course you can check out my etsy shop.

If you click the etsy link on the right side ----------->
it will take you straight there :)

You might remember from last year, our little lego
building obsession. Dinnon LOVES it, I love it, the kids
love it. And for about 3 years now it's been our tradition
to get this Lego advent calendar :) We set up a little station, and add to it each day. Last year
it was pretty disspointing not to get a santa, so I had to
order one off ebay! He is Dinnon's favorite by far!
Lots of little Christmas stuff. Snowmen, trees, ice skaters,
elves, a chimney with stockings. But then they add in a crane,
and this morning we got a dog, and a cooler with hotdogs
in it. - Random? Yep, lol. But fun.
Only 17 more sleeps!
St. Nick will be here before we know it!

Hope you are having a great week,
and enjoying the Christmas season :)

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