Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello! I hope you all had a perfect Christmas! And I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish you all a Happy New Year!

I really wanted to THANK each and every supporter I have out there! My family, friends, and all you monster lovers!! 2011 was an amazing crafty year, and I hope to continue on with it in 2012!

Sherman has the spinach dip chilling, cards shuffled, & lots of pop to ring in the New Year with a few of his buddies, I will be sure to take pics!

Have a Safe and Awesome New Years! xo

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Bokeh

A little non monstery post today :) One of my favorite parts of this time of year is the Christmast lights! I've played with photography for a few years now, and fell in love with bokeh. Which bascially, is out of focus light. Christmas lights are perfect for this! I bought some lens covers, in different shapes, stars, hearts, there is even a little man. The trick to bokeh is to be VERY still, but I didn't set up my tripod in the street :) So - the lights tend to streak.

Love the stars....
Hearts are really pretty too :) The tree is my fave though :)
Are you ready for Christmas?? 5 more sleeps!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookie Bites

Happy Monday. December 12th already! I finally got a little baking done this weekend. I was a food processor, and 1 block of room temp cream cheese into it, before I thought... SHERMAN. So, here he is :) For this recipe you only need a couple of things, perfect! 350 gram bag of chocolate chip cookies. Chips ahoy is what was called for, I used PC brand. 2 boxes of bakers chocolate, and 1 block of cream cheese, room temp.
Crush up cookies finely. I used my food processor. The food processor I HAD to have last year, that my husand HAD to show me how to use again, this year :) ha ... So crush them up. In a bowl mix crumbs and cream cheese, until well combined. Roll into balls. The recipe said to make 42, but I did not get quite that many. These are RICH, so I can see why they say to make smallish ones. After you roll them into balls, pop them into the fridge for an hour, or the freezer for 20 minutes. Melt your chocolate :) I just used a tin bowl over a boiling pot of water. There isn't any pictures of the dipping / decorating part, as there were ALOT of hands helping me at this point ;) So, I put the cookie ball in the chocolate with a fork, coating all sides, tap off excess, place on wax paper, and add sprinkles, cookie crumbs, or crushed up candy canes :) Once they are all coated, pop them in the fridge for a 1/2 hour, and then TASTE TEST.

EAsy, and Yummy! Like chocolate cheesecake!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello! Happy December :) I am no where near ready for Christmas, but after this weekend I am hoping to get ALOT done. Of course December 1 means advent calendars in our house, and it's lego city again :) Yay! There is actually 2 lego calendars out this year, Lego City, and Star Wars. Yes. We have both.

So, our theme will be Christmas, with a bit of a space invasion?
Looking foward to getting our little "Christmas Lego Scene" set up, so we can add our 24 days of lego to it! Sherman has lots of Christmas treats to bake up! And then the Tree. Christmas Cards. Presents. Wrapping. And 3 of my children have just started basketball :) If it wasn't chaotic, it wouldn't be us I suppose :)

This weekend is my LAST sale of the season. I will be at the Red Deer Christmas Bazaar on Saturday (10 to5) and Sunday (10 to 4), with hopefully 100 monsters or so. Unfortunately my etsy shop is fairly empty, and will remain that way :( If you are in need of a monster, you can always email me, and I will try and accomodate!

Have a great weekend! xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monster Making Keeps Getting More "Awsom"

Hello! Happy Thursday :)

I will be sewing my weekend away again! With 3 upcoming shows starting next weekend. Ack! I am not quite ready, or, ready at all, but I will be :) I had an overwhelming monster adoption at OBTY in Red Deer. THANK YOU so much to everyone who adopted! Since then, I have had over 30 more monsters ordered! Of course,I love all the monster love :) - But, I especially love these little letters that I recently recieved. So I had to share.

I will definitely be hanging on to these, so cute! I hope to have these monsters completed soon, hopefully meeting Cole & Belle's specifications very closely!

Have a great weekend! xx

(P.S) Click on the pic and it will enlarge for you :)

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello! I am a huge Halloween fan, but this year I wasn't totally prepared for it. With a craft sale the weekend before, I have to admit that I was carving my pumpkin at 6 o'clock last night. This year for me, it was a simple cyclops, Sherman's pick :) We also made up these .......

Awesome Body Part Brownies!

These look nothing like the picture in the directions. But when you take Brownies + Chocolate Icing + Chocolate Skeleton Parts, you really can't go wrong!

Sherman was a perfectly adorable little ghost (in case you couldn't recognize him)! He really loves gum, and got ALOT of chicklets this year, and he might be hoarding the odd PB cup :) I love all the kids pumpkins, but Charlie brown has to be one of my fave's this year! I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!

Watch for a post on my November Newsletter later this week!! xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

This Christmas Season...

Sherman is excited to announce that we will be accepting Debit, Visa, and Mastercard over the next couple of months! Yahoo! Hopefully in the NEXT 4 DAYS, he figures out how to use it, since Our Best To You starts on Friday!!!

Currently our monster count is at about 170, a few last minute things to do, hopefully another handfull or two of monsters to sew, and we'll be ready! Have a great week! xx

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Checking In ;)

Hello! I have been busy busy busy, sewing like crazy, for Our Best To You, which is in 10 more sleeps! I have about 110 ish monsters complete, and a few last minute things to do, but I am nearly ready :) Beside the hoard I want to sew yet :)

I thought I would post a cute photo of Morris, at the Needle Center in Seattle :) Morris has done quite a bit of travelling by the sounds of it, and his parents uploaded some awesome fan photos to my facebook site! There are quite a few fun pics on there of monsters and their travels. You can check them out here, and if you have some of your own, upload them! I would love to see them!! Hope you have a great week! xx

Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy Friday! And a long weekend for us Canadians. Yahoo! What is better than a long week, AND turkey and pie?? Can't think of much! Besides Fargob here, he is pretty rad ;) Made from an upcyled sweater, argyle, and completely adorable!

Today marks 3 weeks until Our Best To You. 2 Weeks until our boys turn 17 ( I can't even believe it), and 1 Day until the very last farmers market of the year. Bittersweet really :) The Red Deer Market is awesome, you meet all kinds of awesome people, but you aren't really sad to see the 5:30 am mornings gone :)

So after tomorrow, I will take a recount on my stock for Christmas, and update next week. There are a few newbies in my etsy shop today too!

Have a great weekend! xx

Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30

Hard to believe that September has come and gone already! It is my favorite time of year :) The colors are so pretty, the leaves are plentiful, & the sunrise, & sunsets are awesome. Like this.... 6:30 this morning, the whole sky was lit up like this. Amazing 7:15, starting to lighten. And by the time Sherman got up, it was nearly gone. (I had 4 monsters made by this time). Soon I will be able to sleep in again :)
Have a great weekend!! xx

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Little Monstery Update

Here is my current "Christmas Pile". Which means, I am trying to sew separately for my markets, sometimes that works, not always ;) I will not be attending the market this weekend, but will be back next weekend (8th) for the last one! 4 weeks until Our Best To You, I hope this pile quadruples! I will keep updating in the weeks to come :)

Hope you are having a great week!! xx

Friday, September 16, 2011

Christmas Markets

This Christmas Season, you can adopt a monster here :

- October 28,29,30. Red Deer Westerner, Our Best To You

- November 19th. Calgary Waldorf School

I will post more info on them, as they get closer :) In the mean time, I will be sewing like crazy! If you are looking for a monster, and are not in my area, keep checking my etsy, or you can send me an email at

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Happy Monday :) I have a few newbies posted in my etsy shop today, and they will be there until I pull them out for the market this Saturday. There are a few hockey guys, so if you are a fan of the Jets, the Canucks, the Bruins, or Devils then check them out!

I will try and update my shop more regularily as we approach the Christmas season, but I am unsure at this time, if I will be able to keep it full.

Hope you have a great week!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello! Happy September ;) Finally BACK TO SCHOOL! Yahoo! Back to school is always a little bit of a process in my house, but we got it all done, and 9 days ago they went back! I dearly love routine, and NEED it in my life. Kids too, even though they think otherwise!

This is a new sweater newbie I just finished up. No name yet, but he sort of looks like I feel these days. Although I am coming to the end of my farmers markets, I believe there is 5 left, I have my first BIG craft sale on October 28th. I am super excited for it! But.. freaking out a little about how much sewing I have to do. My goal.. 200? 250? 300? Possible? If I stick to the plan it is. I will be updating you all on upcoming Christmas shows soon. Yes, I said the C word. Sherman has already pulled out the Santa Suit :)

I will also be trying to stock up my etsy shop come October. Wish me luck, and quick stitching!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back To School

Whenever I was a kid, teenager.. my mom ALWAYS sang the song... School Day's, School Day's, Dear Old Golden Rule Days. It always chimed through our house when it was nearing the end of summer holidays. Of course we groaned, but now, I know exactly why she was singing :) Back to School Really IS the Most WONDERFUL time of the year! So, we'll think of back to school shopping as a celebration. Back to routine. With 4 kids, going into Grade 9,10, and 11 this year (I can't even believe that)... I am definitely ready for them to go back. And so are they! Or, a couple of them at least :) Walmart has these rad little carboard busses, full of supplies.
Glue is essential. Isn't it? I'm not sure if this was on the list, Sherman thought it looked like fun. Sherman measures 9.25 inches, if you include his ears!

Sherman's favorite color is Green, and he calls dibs.

Of course a few new outfits help too, who doesn't like getting new clothes? I have heard.. make monster accessories, a few times now. I even had one Gran make her grandson a cape and eyemask for his monster, CUTE!

Back to School Shopping is DONE. Yahoo! Not always the cheapest process, but done. And, in 13 more sleep, off they go!

Sherman.. obviously still needs a major bath, he will be hitting the washer tonight.

Monday, August 8, 2011

This. Is. Gary

Hi ;) Wanted to introduce you to the newest member in our family, Gary. Gary, is a super cute, Calgary Stampeders fan. He really belongs to my husband. He LOVES Gary. Seriously. They have not missed a game yet this season. He also enjoys twizzlers, watching Storage Wars, and really likes red gum balls. Only red. If Gary could, he would have porkchops with applesauce everyday for lunch! Watch for Gary & Sherman Posts! They are BFF's!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mmmm Mocha ;)

A week or so ago, maybe 2...errr.. 3, I had mentioned Sherman and an infamous Mocha Cake. I got this recipe from a friend quite some time ago, and it's seriously good. Like, really really good.

Now, you can make just a regular chocolate cake mix, because I'm told that the obsession is with the icing. I made the batter from scratch (this Martha recipe is good), enough to make 3 - 8" round pans. About 1 1/2 times the recipe. Grease pans REALLY well. Bake, Cool, and start the icing :)
In a bowl, whip up 1 cup of Butter (not margarine). To that add 1/4 Cup of Cocoa, 1 tsp Vanilla, and 2 cups of Icing Sugar. In a small dish, mix 1/4 cup hot water, and 1 tsp instant coffee. Add to icing mixture, and then add up to another 2 cups of icing sugar. Depending on desired sweetness and consistency. Increase to high, and blend 5 minutes.
I wanted to try a "pretty" icing technique, so I you-tubed "Ruffle Icing". Dirty ice your cake, which means apply a think layer of icing all, and then pipe away with a "petal tip".
Row by Row, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. And then I just did the same thing across the top, working from one side to another.
This. Cake. Is. So. Good.

Sherman definitely needed a bath afterwards!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello! We have been vacationing for the last week, and I have been MIA from my computer. Our vaca this year was a little garage building ;) Sherman was a good foreman, and make sure the nails and staples were plentiful.

I'll be back to blogging this week :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Merglin was a special request for a High School Grad this year ;) I was up for the challenge, thinking it would be pretty simple. Cap and Gown.. right. That was until I set out to make the gown... Once I was originally done the gown, he looked like a little chubby, stuck in a super small dress. Too funny. I tried a few different times, but ended up scrapping the gown all together.

And gave him a nice little hand stitched Collar? Lappel? Not sure of the correct wording..

With a little handstitched foot tag marking the year :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Happy Belated Canada Day! Summer is FINALLY here, yahoo! And the weather is HOT. I can't complain, since we had the nastiest winter, and we've had alot of rain as of late. But I do wish for an air conditioner most days ;) I know my lack of blogging lately has been lame-o. I apologize. My goal, is to blog AT LEAST once a week. I should be able to hold up to that. I have lots to blog, just not always the time.
We took in some Big I, Canada Day festivities, Sherman was proud to show of being Canadian, the fireworks were awesome, and we ended the night with a fire and smores ;) It was a pretty awesome Canada Day ;) The kids are now off school for the summer, and we have a few holidays planned. Sherman will definitely be coming along.!

I'll update you soon with some new stuff! New monsters, Alberta Craft Council, and Markets!! xx