Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I managed to get a few newbies sewn up on the weekend,
a whole pile actually. Arms sewn (not my favorite part),
ready to be flipped and stitched. Only to find my
whole pile tossed on the floor, and 3 missing arms.
Which I will not find - for weeks. They turn up
eventually, chewed on, dirty, and a mess.

Cats love monsters too, I guess. Although I am sure the
feeling is not so mutual. I cannot for the life of me
get Finnigan to stop stealing arms, and wrestling monsters.

I need to come up with a cat proof monster. Of some sort.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yarn Mania

I am soooo looking foward to the chinook this week.
Even though The Big I is going to go into a meltdown,
the cold cold weekend was not awesome! I did normal
stuff like cleaned, cooked, got groceries, but then I started
to go a bit stir crazy. I love my kids, but they started
to drive me a bit crazy too.

House Bound.
I am an avid crocheter - I love it. I am terrible for starting
a project, and then another, and another. And in the midst
of all that, I buy this yarn, that yarn, ooooh I have to have that
yarn. And I had a DISASTER. I am sure there are a few of you
that can relate to the above knot of yarny mess.
So I spent the whole day Saturday compiling my yarn, and
then balling it. Why don't they sell it in balls already I wonder?
I can't believe how much yarn I have either. Yikes! Where
on earth did it all come from. Klip offered to help, he was the
only one though. Not a kid in sight.
So I stared with all the "bits", little scraps here and there.
Worked my way through all the knots. And then started
the process of balling the 30 or so large skeins I had. I
had the odd visitor here and there, they would come in,
tell a story, help with one, and then it was just me and Klip.
I finally got smart, and bribed the kids with bowling if
they helped out, which make the process way more speedy :) Exhausting it was. But it's done. And organized :)
I have a babette on the go, a hexi blanket, and
an african flower.... oh, and a baby ripple. 4 to finish
before I buy anymore, and start anything else!
What will I do with all those bits though? A scrapghan
of some sort.. .there will be more of that to come.

That was my weekend.

Pretty. Exciting. Stuff.

Hope you are having sunny week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun...Where are you??

Hi! This cold, cold, weather has sure been putting
a damper on things. Where is the SUNSHINE??!
I haven't been doing a tonne of sewing, but a bit! Trying
to get a few Valentine's guys sewn up :) I try and try to
work through my sock pile, but without even noticing,
I buy hoards more! Cute ones though, I can't wait
to get them sewn up :)
I will get a few more posted on Etsy soon :) Otherwise
not much is new in my world, Dinnon is still vacationing :(
I thought about trying to "clone" him. But after 3 attempts
I decided I just can't do it. Maybe he will turn up :) And if
not, I am SURE that he will write :)

Soon I hope to get up to some fun v-day baking too!
There will for surely be some monster pictorials :)

Have a great week! Stay warm! xo

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello! I didn't really wish anyone a Happy New
Year in my last post. My bad! So.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I wanted to take a quick second and thank everyone
who has adopted a monster :) 2010 was an awesome
year, and I hope to make 2011 even better :)

Another big thanks to my super awesome hubby!
He was SO much help at all my sales, I couldn't
have done it without him. - I for surely didn't want
to do it without him.
As you may have read a couple of days ago,
Dinnon is missing :( On our tour to Invermere BC for
New Years, he hopped out of the car (in Canmore I think)
and we haven't heard from him since. Domo thought he
would try and do his part by making up some signs :)

If you have any info, let me know! It would be awesome
to find him. But I have a feeling he might be touring.
He really wanted to take up ski-ing and there was a small
obsession with mountain sheep.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hiya. I need your help.
We jetted (or drove) off to Invermere to ring in 2011
and I believe that during our pit stop in Camore on our
way, Dinnon possibly jumped out of the car :( I know he
was seriously excited about a possible mounting sheep
sighting. No one has turned him in at Tim's, but I do believe
that is the last placehe was seen. If any of you happened
to pick him up,or seen him somewhere, PLEASE contact me,
via email at theslagers@shaw.ca.
He is about 8 " tall, made from a grey work sock, with one
green eye, 2 snaggle teeth, and a leopardy belly.
to anyone that can turn him in.