Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun...Where are you??

Hi! This cold, cold, weather has sure been putting
a damper on things. Where is the SUNSHINE??!
I haven't been doing a tonne of sewing, but a bit! Trying
to get a few Valentine's guys sewn up :) I try and try to
work through my sock pile, but without even noticing,
I buy hoards more! Cute ones though, I can't wait
to get them sewn up :)
I will get a few more posted on Etsy soon :) Otherwise
not much is new in my world, Dinnon is still vacationing :(
I thought about trying to "clone" him. But after 3 attempts
I decided I just can't do it. Maybe he will turn up :) And if
not, I am SURE that he will write :)

Soon I hope to get up to some fun v-day baking too!
There will for surely be some monster pictorials :)

Have a great week! Stay warm! xo


  1. I've just discovered your blog. What lovely pudgy monsters you make! I particularly like the pale pink one with the bulging eyes and red polka dot heart on his belly in the bottom picture!

  2. Thanks Lauren !
    That monster, which remains nameless at this point, should be finished tonight :)