Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yarn Mania

I am soooo looking foward to the chinook this week.
Even though The Big I is going to go into a meltdown,
the cold cold weekend was not awesome! I did normal
stuff like cleaned, cooked, got groceries, but then I started
to go a bit stir crazy. I love my kids, but they started
to drive me a bit crazy too.

House Bound.
I am an avid crocheter - I love it. I am terrible for starting
a project, and then another, and another. And in the midst
of all that, I buy this yarn, that yarn, ooooh I have to have that
yarn. And I had a DISASTER. I am sure there are a few of you
that can relate to the above knot of yarny mess.
So I spent the whole day Saturday compiling my yarn, and
then balling it. Why don't they sell it in balls already I wonder?
I can't believe how much yarn I have either. Yikes! Where
on earth did it all come from. Klip offered to help, he was the
only one though. Not a kid in sight.
So I stared with all the "bits", little scraps here and there.
Worked my way through all the knots. And then started
the process of balling the 30 or so large skeins I had. I
had the odd visitor here and there, they would come in,
tell a story, help with one, and then it was just me and Klip.
I finally got smart, and bribed the kids with bowling if
they helped out, which make the process way more speedy :) Exhausting it was. But it's done. And organized :)
I have a babette on the go, a hexi blanket, and
an african flower.... oh, and a baby ripple. 4 to finish
before I buy anymore, and start anything else!
What will I do with all those bits though? A scrapghan
of some sort.. .there will be more of that to come.

That was my weekend.

Pretty. Exciting. Stuff.

Hope you are having sunny week!

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