Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Stache

Hello! Something crazy like -45 here this morning
with the wind chill. Spring.. WHERE ARE YOU?
In case you didn't recognize him.. this is Sherman :)
He's in disguise.. with this super cute crocheted mustache.
You almost don't even notice him since it's so big. He
insisted on being the mustache model today though.
If you check out Tara's blog here, you can find the awesome
free pattern for these stache's! Along with lots of other cool ideas
and her etsy shop, full of awesome goodies too!
Have a great weekend! xx

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi :) Happy Friday!! And a lovely long weekend
for some of us too :) This is Hector :) I made him up
a wee bit ago, and decided that he would be
good to pass along to a good local cause :)

Tonight at the Innisfail Arena, they are hosting
from 6 to 12pm.

Hector will be participating in the Silent Auction :)
He is rather large (made up from a combo of sock),
and rather stern looking, but he has seriously ticklish
feet, and LOVES Lady and the Tramp.
Don't let him fool you!

Check out their facebook page for all the events going
on, proceeds going directy to Jaimie and her boys.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sherman is hanging out with my babette squares :) I have about
20 more to do and then I can start blocking and weaving in ends.
Not. Much. Fun. But soon it will be done! Yaya!

A good project for this gross wintery weather,
that we are getting AGAIN !

Sherman is pictured here with Long Tall Sally. He doesn't really
like her...says she stares at him alot. Makes him uneasy :S

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sherman Loves Pizza

.....and Cheese. And Pepperoni. And well.. Sherman loves love!
Happy Valentines Day!!
Since V-day falls on a work day, we decided to do
our annual heart shaped pizza's yesterday :)
Homemade dough is better, but packaged dough is
easier, when you have 5 individual kids crusts to make :)
Mix with water, let sit for 10 minutes, roll out to a
roundish shape, the I just slice in the middle and a bit
off the sides of each bottom, to get a heart - ish shape.
Roll your edges in to make a crust....
and cover with sauce! Sherman went for a small dive in the
pizza sauce, and will be needing a bath this evening, with
quite possibly a little stain remover on his one ear.
Good thing he likes bubbles :)
Cover with all your favorite toppings :)
And bake at 350 for about 20 minutes... or until
the crust starts to brown. Sherman made his
own Sherman sized pizza :)
Yum! Cheesy & Lovely!

After the cookies, and the pizza this weekend, I am looking
forward to a quiet night. Hoping my Valentine will take me for
a Timmie's Mocha :)

Have a great day!! xx

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Cookies

Hello! A super Yummy Valentine --> Cookies!
I would normally buy a tube of sugar cookie dough,
it's easy. But I could not find ANY. So, I went to
Bakerella's site & found this recipe. Super good, & easy too!
It says to refrigerate .. but don't leave it in there too
long, ... I spent 20 minutes defrosting :) Mix up, roll out, and bake. Easy Peasy. I picked up a
handful of cute Valentine Cookie Cutters :)
Sherman helped with quality control... alot.
While the cookies cooled.. I made the icing. I wanted to try
some cute will see further on, and should
have used royal icing, but I didn't have Meringue powder.
None. So I made vanilla buttercream, and made sure
to set them out to dry for quite awhile after iced.
Yum! Sherman loves red. It's his favorite!
I piped a 1/2 dozen, and let the kids take over from
there :) I am sure I will be finding sprinkles for days :)
Now, for the packaging! To wrap up one of your cookies,
and hand it out for your homemade valentine you need :
Scissors, colored paper, paper cd cases, ribbon, stickers,
and glue :) Any colors, any ribbon, anything goes. Cut your
colored paper to fit in the cd case, and embelish the outside
a wee bit with your choice of decorations. Slide a cookie in
once the icing is dry, or semi dry in my case.. and ....
Voila! A homemade, and handmade Valentine :)
So cute, and easy! I originally saw this in a magazine way
back when for Christmas, and never got around to it,
so v-day instead :) Love it! I am sure the royal icing
might work a wee bit better, my icing is a little ..
schmooshy, but it works :)
Hope you are having a great weekend! xx

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Sherman

Hello! I wanted to take a minute out today, to introduce
you to Sherman. Sherman Olgavie Slager. Sherman
was born on February 10th, yes, this morning, and
is the newest member of the Slager family :)
I am in no way "replacing" Dinnon. My heart is still very
sad that I lost him. Ugh. But I just KNOW that he is with
another very special family, and having the time of his life :)

I tried to "clone" Dinnon, and all 3 of them looked similar to him
.. in a Weird Uncle Al kind of way. So I left it at that. And went
about my sewing for etsy... when I finished up this little guy,
I liked him. He's really cute. I have a "thing" for the one-eyes,
and the work sock. They are my fave. So I decided that Sherman
with join the fam, and help me along in blogger world :) And.. if
Din makes him way home, I KNOW they will be besties!
He has cute little chunky feet, one little snaggle tooth, and he
is TAGGED. I should do this with all my monsters. I wish
they all were..well, because.. you know. Tagged like this....
Months ago a member on my Etsy, Alberta Street Team,
(Hilda :)) posted a tutorial on making your own labels. You
can check it out here. So I had a little "stuf'd" stamp made
and bought yards of ribbon.
Yards of it. They are super small and cute, fit perfectly on
their legs. I just found it to be a little extra sewing, that I didn't
always have time for. So I put it off, ... put it on the odd one.
No consistency.
From now on, that will not be the case. Sherman is
already tagged, and the rest will be as well :)

Hopefully he'll have time to show you some
little Valentine's tomorrow :) xx

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February 1st already! And Cold! It's -39 here this morning
with the wind chill. I am really hoping that little groundhog
helps us out tomorrow!

These 2 little boxes are on their way to
Texas & Australia today! Yahoo!
I <3 Etsy :)

Hope you are keeping warm!