Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi :) Happy Friday!! And a lovely long weekend
for some of us too :) This is Hector :) I made him up
a wee bit ago, and decided that he would be
good to pass along to a good local cause :)

Tonight at the Innisfail Arena, they are hosting
from 6 to 12pm.

Hector will be participating in the Silent Auction :)
He is rather large (made up from a combo of sock),
and rather stern looking, but he has seriously ticklish
feet, and LOVES Lady and the Tramp.
Don't let him fool you!

Check out their facebook page for all the events going
on, proceeds going directy to Jaimie and her boys.


  1. Hector is cute too. Will he be appearing in your upcoming posts?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    No, Hector has been auctioned of to a new family :) Hopefully I will have more large monsters in the future!