Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Sherman

Hello! I wanted to take a minute out today, to introduce
you to Sherman. Sherman Olgavie Slager. Sherman
was born on February 10th, yes, this morning, and
is the newest member of the Slager family :)
I am in no way "replacing" Dinnon. My heart is still very
sad that I lost him. Ugh. But I just KNOW that he is with
another very special family, and having the time of his life :)

I tried to "clone" Dinnon, and all 3 of them looked similar to him
.. in a Weird Uncle Al kind of way. So I left it at that. And went
about my sewing for etsy... when I finished up this little guy,
I liked him. He's really cute. I have a "thing" for the one-eyes,
and the work sock. They are my fave. So I decided that Sherman
with join the fam, and help me along in blogger world :) And.. if
Din makes him way home, I KNOW they will be besties!
He has cute little chunky feet, one little snaggle tooth, and he
is TAGGED. I should do this with all my monsters. I wish
they all were..well, because.. you know. Tagged like this....
Months ago a member on my Etsy, Alberta Street Team,
(Hilda :)) posted a tutorial on making your own labels. You
can check it out here. So I had a little "stuf'd" stamp made
and bought yards of ribbon.
Yards of it. They are super small and cute, fit perfectly on
their legs. I just found it to be a little extra sewing, that I didn't
always have time for. So I put it off, ... put it on the odd one.
No consistency.
From now on, that will not be the case. Sherman is
already tagged, and the rest will be as well :)

Hopefully he'll have time to show you some
little Valentine's tomorrow :) xx


  1. oh man Sherman is so cute. And thanks for the shout out :)

  2. wow! this is handmade?! It's so cute. I thought it was store bought.