Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Stache

Hello! Something crazy like -45 here this morning
with the wind chill. Spring.. WHERE ARE YOU?
In case you didn't recognize him.. this is Sherman :)
He's in disguise.. with this super cute crocheted mustache.
You almost don't even notice him since it's so big. He
insisted on being the mustache model today though.
If you check out Tara's blog here, you can find the awesome
free pattern for these stache's! Along with lots of other cool ideas
and her etsy shop, full of awesome goodies too!
Have a great weekend! xx


  1. Those moustaches are very cute. I wonder if I could get my dog to wear one for Halloween?

  2. Cute...I love Tara's patterns...I'll have to try this out....

  3. Would make for an interesting pic Andrea :)
    They are super easy Jenn! I am sure I will have a pile of them soon!
    What to do with them?