Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Cookies

Hello! A super Yummy Valentine --> Cookies!
I would normally buy a tube of sugar cookie dough,
it's easy. But I could not find ANY. So, I went to
Bakerella's site & found this recipe. Super good, & easy too!
It says to refrigerate .. but don't leave it in there too
long, ... I spent 20 minutes defrosting :) Mix up, roll out, and bake. Easy Peasy. I picked up a
handful of cute Valentine Cookie Cutters :)
Sherman helped with quality control... alot.
While the cookies cooled.. I made the icing. I wanted to try
some cute will see further on, and should
have used royal icing, but I didn't have Meringue powder.
None. So I made vanilla buttercream, and made sure
to set them out to dry for quite awhile after iced.
Yum! Sherman loves red. It's his favorite!
I piped a 1/2 dozen, and let the kids take over from
there :) I am sure I will be finding sprinkles for days :)
Now, for the packaging! To wrap up one of your cookies,
and hand it out for your homemade valentine you need :
Scissors, colored paper, paper cd cases, ribbon, stickers,
and glue :) Any colors, any ribbon, anything goes. Cut your
colored paper to fit in the cd case, and embelish the outside
a wee bit with your choice of decorations. Slide a cookie in
once the icing is dry, or semi dry in my case.. and ....
Voila! A homemade, and handmade Valentine :)
So cute, and easy! I originally saw this in a magazine way
back when for Christmas, and never got around to it,
so v-day instead :) Love it! I am sure the royal icing
might work a wee bit better, my icing is a little ..
schmooshy, but it works :)
Hope you are having a great weekend! xx


  1. Your photos make me laugh. Love that little creature that's posing in it. I bet he enjoyed your cookies. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your cute treats up.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I checked out and linked your site. WOW, so many awesome recipes!!

  3. Those cookies are so pretty. I love your packaging. Where did you get the cookie cutters by the way? Thanks in advance. :)

  4. Hi Esther :)
    I got my cutters at our local Dollar Store :) They had about 6 different ones in all. xx

  5. Very beautiful cookies, and cute monster too:)

  6. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets for a Saturday.