Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oilers vs. Flames

Hello! Happy Thursday!!
This is Doobren and Mackaroy. A wee bit ago my husband
thought it would be a good idea to make hockey monsters.
I agreed, but this all I did. ha. I didn't really try at all.
I was content sewing away with my current monsters,
then he pestered...err, encouraged me more. and more.
and....well, I gave in and did up these 2.
I am not really a hockey fan. I mean, I like watching it, but
I don't really have a favorite by any means. Oilers and Flames
are pretty central alberta, so I started out with them. And.. I
kinda wanted to keep them! Cute! But within a few hours they
are both sold and off to new homes :)
I will continue to add the odd hockey monster to my etsy
shop here and there. I like the black eyes, and stitches, and
think they will continue to be a hockey trait :)
So if you are looking for a particular team, keep checking my
shop :) I am going to try and get a variety of up there!

And I would LOVE feedback on what team you would
like to see! xx

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