Thursday, March 10, 2011

How You Doin?

Ah, I remember the days when my only concerns were
getting through Physics, and watching Friends when I got
home from school. Those WERE the days. Although I love
my life, it tends to get a wee bit hectic some days....which
results in lack of blogging, tv, sleep... exercise.. and so on.
Why am I so busy? Might have something to do with my
80 some odd "hobbies". And.. I have a new one that
I wanted to tell you about :) Yay!
I bought myself a Tecre Machine.. which makes buttons.
Not the buttons you sew on, buttons that you attach either
a pin or a magnet too. To decorate your fridge, bags, hats, my
kids took them for their lockers ;) Etsy has a few sellers that
create these hilarious, and inspiring digital files to make buttons
out of, or you can make your own. I did up some "stuf'd"
ones to pass out with my etsy monsters.
Sherman thinks he is a superstar now :) I plan on comitting to the Red Deer market this year, so
why not add to my table! I also decided to open a second
etsy shop :) Which is always a learning curve,
but I am working on it.

You can check it out at
Yep, snottub :)
I would love to do custom orders! They are perfect for your
etsy shop, sports teams, weddings, save the date, campaigning,
the list is endless. So if you would like some buttons,
for surely check out my shop :)

I'll be back with a monstery update tomorrow :)

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