Friday, March 11, 2011

Monster Business

Hi :) Happy Friiiiiiddddaaaaayyy!
(I'm saying that in my best Oprah voice, just so you know :)
It's getting very near market season, I am sure it will be here
before I know it. Nothing passes more quicky than the days.

My first market this year will be at MRU, which is
Mount Royal University in Calgary, on
April 12th. From 10 to 2 pm.

Then..there is only some 40ish days after that
until the Red Deer Market starts back up :)
I am praying for a lovely spring & summer!
So I am starting to sew more, and stock pile a bit.
Like I mentioned, I am going to try and consistently be
in Red Deer each weekend this year. And I know in order
to keep up, I need to get ahead.

I am still working on Hockey monsters, but waiting on felt.
I order my felt from the states, I just find it to be way more
durable, and I want them to LAST!
I made the pact (again) to not buy ANY socks. I need to use
up my pile, of what I am sure is in the hundreds. Except these
toe socks ...they are new... but that's it! ha
So stock piling it is. I will still be updating
my etsy here and there, but there is a good amount of stock
in there for now. I have about 20 bodies sewn up, and think
I will work on some sweaters this weekend :)

And buttons... I need to figure out a way to add those to
my table as well.

Have a Great Weekend!! xx


  1. Can I just say I am totally *smitten* with your monsters? My oh my, they are a delightful bunch!

  2. Hey Bonnie, where did you find the toe socks? Are they adult size? (not that I want any for myself!) My daughter always wants a pair and I can never seem to track down some that aren't huge!