Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Babette #2

A very non monster related post today :) Waaaaay back when... I discovered the "babette" on flickr. I didn't know how to crochet, but I NEEDED to learn, which I did. I made a pretty, bright, babette, full of blues, greens, black, pink. You can see it here.

Then right away I wanted to start another (because I have time). Something a little simple to match my living room, or bedroom. Reds & browns, with a bit of green thrown in.

I used 7 colors. Impeccable Loops & Thread, & Vanna's Choice. I took this picture on August 24, 2009. Forever ago! And never even touched it until just this passed December. I found a group on Ravelry, call CAL : Crochet a long, for the babette. And decided to work away at getting mine done. There aren't alot of "in process" pictures. Because, well, I became obsessed with finishing it, and ahead of schedule, it's completely done! And I love it ever so much! Makes me want to make another... almost :)

Crochet is a nice monster break from time to time. But, can be a sidetrack too. 80 monsters will be COMPLETED this week, yahoo! Sherman is excited to introduce you to his new friends :)

Have a great week! xx

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  1. That is aWEsoMe! Love the color,,love the geometrical (is that a word??) shapes..love it !