Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monster MD

Do you have a monster that is SERIOUSLY LOVED?

If you do, it may look like this :) This is Adriano, he belongs to my nephew Quinton. It's been over a year since Q adopted, and the other day he asked if I could "fix" him. If you have a monster that is made from a cotton sock. The polyester stuffing will make it's way out from the weave, and pill on top of the monster a bit. Adds character maybe? ha This WILL happen, with some socks more than others. All I do is zip off all the fuzz with a sweater shaver. Or.. my husbands electric razor. He does not advise me to do this, but I could not find my sweater shaver! You must be VERY careful with a shaver though, because you can poke through the sock. Most sweater shavers are 10$ or less, & I have seen them in the laundry aisle in your grocery store.

Ok, so buzz him off, and then I decided to wash Adriano in the sink. If your monster does have a few holes, stitch him first, then bath! So you don't make any holes BIGGER. My bad. Put a wee bit of soap and some warm water in the sink, & give your monster a sponge bath. They won't be scared, just don't put the tap right on top of them :) Squeeze him out, give his feet and ears a pinch, to get out the excess water. Then lay him on a tea towel to dry. It was a nice day, so I was able to stick him by the window.
Once he is dry, stitch up any holes, and.. if any body parts need to be replaced, do that as well. Adriano was in need of a new tongue, must like to chew on his alot!

I restitched his belly, tightened his buttons, & he is as good as new!

Cute & Quirky, just like Quinton :)

Monsters can be washed in your machine as well, but they are terribly afraid of the spin cycle! I recommend gentle cycle, or a garment bag, and lay flat to dry :)


  1. And you invented the grooming for sock monsters!! :D Love it!...

  2. Awwww.."Laundry of Love"...I can see a new business out of this :)