Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hello! Finally I have a new blog post! And blogger is co-operating ;) Yesterday we had an awesome sunny afternoon, so I decided to plant some of my bedding out plants. Sheman, of course, tagged along, and had all the planting neccessities. Yes, slurpees are required when planting ;) Especially Orange!
Dirt, Flowers, Gloves. Sherman loved riding in the wheel barrow. This was the task. This loooong flower bed at the front of the house. This year we chose Dianthus to plant. I have never tried them before, but anything that likes sun, will like this spot! So we mixed in a bit of peat moss, laid out the flowers, and they were done in no time. Sherman supervised more than anything, his hands are quite small for the gloves. He was quite helpful when it came to even spacing, he is quite technical.

A mix of pink, white, and red. We also took a gander at all the perennials coming up, these are some of the lillies. Sherman will be back this week to show you some of the other pretty blooms we found :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello! I know I have been MIA this week. Busy, Busy! Tomorrow is the start of the Red Deer Farmer's Market and it runs every saturday until Thanksgiving from 8 to 12:30 pm. I have a good variety of monsters to go, and have been working away on some buttons. I have a second etsy shop, called snottub, and I decided to add some buttons to my market table too! So last night I spent a few hours, with my 1" button maker :)
I have a whole tonne of new FUN designs :) Tonight I will get everything packed up, & then we are off, with a VERY early morning tomorrow! Praying for SUNSHINE ;)

Have a great weekend! xx

Monday, May 16, 2011


Happy Monday! My blogger has been having some technical difficulties, and I was unable to post last week for some reason, but it's working today! Yay! I will be back this week to chat about what's been going, and what's coming up :) Have a great week! xx

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally the weekend is here! Yahoo! It's been a 12 day stretch without a full day off, so I am looking forward to a little lazy :) Maybe some yard work too :) One more post to finish off our Calgary excursion. There were alot of awesome vendors/artists/people at Make It, and Sherman had the chance to model with some of it!
Our lovely neighbor Claire from Heyday Designs, makes these cast ceramic jars. Totally unique, and soooo nice! She had some wicked jewelry too, you can check out here site here. To the right, was our other awesome neighbor Stephanie, from Fiber Manipulator. Steph makes lovely one of a kind jewelry. Check out her site here. And we had the chance to meet a couple of awesome teamies! I sadly cut off their banners in this pic :( But Kalen from Minibytes, and Sarah, from Bubblegum Sass had a seriously cute table! Sarah's Purses... GET ONE HERE! And Kalen's super cute crochet... GO TO HER ETSY SHOP!

Sherman finished up the day with DJ Mike Ombre!
Hope you have a great, GREAT, weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calgary Continued....

Make - It was held at the Chinese Cultural Centre. I am embarrassed to say that I have never seen it. Not once in my 32 3/4 years. Anyways, it's dowtown, and a really awesome building.With theee most amazing roof! And pillars... Art, Art, Art! B-E-A-UTIFUL! Outside, the doors are "protected" with these lions. Sherman was a little afraid. It took alot of convincing, and coaxing.... But finally he agreed to pose just once for a picture! He looks seriously little and scared here :) But he is super brave! And would totally do it again... maybe. There was this cool piece of welded structure. And buildings..of course. Can you tell we are SMALL TOWN? ha Of course I would like to travel one day. London perhaps, maybe Scotland. But first... downtown Calgary!!

We'll be back tomorrow, to show you some of the Make-It show & the other Vendors!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sherman Goes To Calgary

Hello! This last weekend, we headed into Calgary for the "Make It" craft sale. Sherman came along to see some of the sights, and throughout the week, I will post his pics :) He saw a Lion! Lots of Art! Met new friends, and even did a little DJ gig! Here he is with Gusbin, ready to roll. Dillion was super excited to be heading to the city too!! 10 minutes into the drive, it started. Are we there yet? Well, maybe that was me... He really wanted to try out driving. I don't really recommend this. His legs are short, he kept looking down to see the peddles, which causes big issues with staying in his own lane. So back to the passenger side it was. This was our attempt at taking photo's and driving. Can you see the Calgary Tower??? Nope! Neither can we! ha Once we made out way downtown to the Chinese Cutural Center (beautiful), we got all set up, and then did a little touring around! We had a great weekend! And lots of little monsters were adopted :) Thank you Calgary for all the Monster Love!! xx
Sherman will be back tomorrow, to show you some of the fun he had this weekend!