Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sherman Goes To Calgary

Hello! This last weekend, we headed into Calgary for the "Make It" craft sale. Sherman came along to see some of the sights, and throughout the week, I will post his pics :) He saw a Lion! Lots of Art! Met new friends, and even did a little DJ gig! Here he is with Gusbin, ready to roll. Dillion was super excited to be heading to the city too!! 10 minutes into the drive, it started. Are we there yet? Well, maybe that was me... He really wanted to try out driving. I don't really recommend this. His legs are short, he kept looking down to see the peddles, which causes big issues with staying in his own lane. So back to the passenger side it was. This was our attempt at taking photo's and driving. Can you see the Calgary Tower??? Nope! Neither can we! ha Once we made out way downtown to the Chinese Cutural Center (beautiful), we got all set up, and then did a little touring around! We had a great weekend! And lots of little monsters were adopted :) Thank you Calgary for all the Monster Love!! xx
Sherman will be back tomorrow, to show you some of the fun he had this weekend!


  1. Oh Sherman..you are a hoot. I took Bear to NYC and he was in a lot of photos, too. People sure do love you little guys!
    Seriously..your booth is amazing! Wish I lived closer..and I am saving my "allowance" (? so how old are you , silly me!??) so I can adopt too.
    In the meantime, I love your blog and seeing your funny, touching, heartfelt creations. You are one seriously talented Monster-Mom!

  2. Thanks Colleen!! You are NEVER too old, or young to adopt a monster ;) I would have hoards of them if my husband didn't police me. haha
    I do have to keep the odd one though, I get too attatched!
    Maybe one day you can adopt too ;)
    Sherman had fun, more pics of that to come! xx

  3. Sherman DOES look like he had quite the adventure! So glad to meet him (and you) at the show!

  4. Mally and Nemis wanted to let you know they're enjoying their new home with our kids very much.

    Bin (the auction sweater monster) will also be adopted - he will be headed back to the Children's Hospital to help his new boy through chemotherapy.

  5. Soooo late in reading this comment, that is SO awesome Karen! Thanks so much for adopting!