Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hello! Finally I have a new blog post! And blogger is co-operating ;) Yesterday we had an awesome sunny afternoon, so I decided to plant some of my bedding out plants. Sheman, of course, tagged along, and had all the planting neccessities. Yes, slurpees are required when planting ;) Especially Orange!
Dirt, Flowers, Gloves. Sherman loved riding in the wheel barrow. This was the task. This loooong flower bed at the front of the house. This year we chose Dianthus to plant. I have never tried them before, but anything that likes sun, will like this spot! So we mixed in a bit of peat moss, laid out the flowers, and they were done in no time. Sherman supervised more than anything, his hands are quite small for the gloves. He was quite helpful when it came to even spacing, he is quite technical.

A mix of pink, white, and red. We also took a gander at all the perennials coming up, these are some of the lillies. Sherman will be back this week to show you some of the other pretty blooms we found :)

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