Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Merglin was a special request for a High School Grad this year ;) I was up for the challenge, thinking it would be pretty simple. Cap and Gown.. right. That was until I set out to make the gown... Once I was originally done the gown, he looked like a little chubby, stuck in a super small dress. Too funny. I tried a few different times, but ended up scrapping the gown all together.

And gave him a nice little hand stitched Collar? Lappel? Not sure of the correct wording..

With a little handstitched foot tag marking the year :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Happy Belated Canada Day! Summer is FINALLY here, yahoo! And the weather is HOT. I can't complain, since we had the nastiest winter, and we've had alot of rain as of late. But I do wish for an air conditioner most days ;) I know my lack of blogging lately has been lame-o. I apologize. My goal, is to blog AT LEAST once a week. I should be able to hold up to that. I have lots to blog, just not always the time.
We took in some Big I, Canada Day festivities, Sherman was proud to show of being Canadian, the fireworks were awesome, and we ended the night with a fire and smores ;) It was a pretty awesome Canada Day ;) The kids are now off school for the summer, and we have a few holidays planned. Sherman will definitely be coming along.!

I'll update you soon with some new stuff! New monsters, Alberta Craft Council, and Markets!! xx