Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back To School

Whenever I was a kid, teenager.. my mom ALWAYS sang the song... School Day's, School Day's, Dear Old Golden Rule Days. It always chimed through our house when it was nearing the end of summer holidays. Of course we groaned, but now, I know exactly why she was singing :) Back to School Really IS the Most WONDERFUL time of the year! So, we'll think of back to school shopping as a celebration. Back to routine. With 4 kids, going into Grade 9,10, and 11 this year (I can't even believe that)... I am definitely ready for them to go back. And so are they! Or, a couple of them at least :) Walmart has these rad little carboard busses, full of supplies.
Glue is essential. Isn't it? I'm not sure if this was on the list, Sherman thought it looked like fun. Sherman measures 9.25 inches, if you include his ears!

Sherman's favorite color is Green, and he calls dibs.

Of course a few new outfits help too, who doesn't like getting new clothes? I have heard.. make monster accessories, a few times now. I even had one Gran make her grandson a cape and eyemask for his monster, CUTE!

Back to School Shopping is DONE. Yahoo! Not always the cheapest process, but done. And, in 13 more sleep, off they go!

Sherman.. obviously still needs a major bath, he will be hitting the washer tonight.


  1. Came over from Colleen's blog today to check out the friends of Tank! These guys are super cute.

  2. I also came over from Colleen's blog! All of them are CUTE!