Monday, August 8, 2011

This. Is. Gary

Hi ;) Wanted to introduce you to the newest member in our family, Gary. Gary, is a super cute, Calgary Stampeders fan. He really belongs to my husband. He LOVES Gary. Seriously. They have not missed a game yet this season. He also enjoys twizzlers, watching Storage Wars, and really likes red gum balls. Only red. If Gary could, he would have porkchops with applesauce everyday for lunch! Watch for Gary & Sherman Posts! They are BFF's!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Thank you for the blog comments (Neemis, Mally & Bin). I was wondering - do you have any more Stampeders monsters?

    The reason I ask is we know a little boy who is a HUGE S fan, and he was just starting the S kids football camp - and he broke his arm in an accident. He's heartbroken, but I think a Stamps monster would help... Let me know!