Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello! Happy September ;) Finally BACK TO SCHOOL! Yahoo! Back to school is always a little bit of a process in my house, but we got it all done, and 9 days ago they went back! I dearly love routine, and NEED it in my life. Kids too, even though they think otherwise!

This is a new sweater newbie I just finished up. No name yet, but he sort of looks like I feel these days. Although I am coming to the end of my farmers markets, I believe there is 5 left, I have my first BIG craft sale on October 28th. I am super excited for it! But.. freaking out a little about how much sewing I have to do. My goal.. 200? 250? 300? Possible? If I stick to the plan it is. I will be updating you all on upcoming Christmas shows soon. Yes, I said the C word. Sherman has already pulled out the Santa Suit :)

I will also be trying to stock up my etsy shop come October. Wish me luck, and quick stitching!


  1. Well..that IS a lot of creating! Good luck and have a great week-end..

  2. He's adorable! It sounds like your going to busy!! Have a nice weekend!