Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy Friday! And a long weekend for us Canadians. Yahoo! What is better than a long week, AND turkey and pie?? Can't think of much! Besides Fargob here, he is pretty rad ;) Made from an upcyled sweater, argyle, and completely adorable!

Today marks 3 weeks until Our Best To You. 2 Weeks until our boys turn 17 ( I can't even believe it), and 1 Day until the very last farmers market of the year. Bittersweet really :) The Red Deer Market is awesome, you meet all kinds of awesome people, but you aren't really sad to see the 5:30 am mornings gone :)

So after tomorrow, I will take a recount on my stock for Christmas, and update next week. There are a few newbies in my etsy shop today too!

Have a great weekend! xx


  1. Just had a about a Breast Cancer Survivor Monster?? They could be pink (duh!) and maybe have stitches where their boobies "used" to be?? And maybe you could charge a little bit more and donate the overage to a woman's shelter or something?? Just a thought... Keep on the great fun work you do..oh..and I **love your Pins!! :-)

  2. Good idea Colleen! Perhaps something to look into in the near future :) I hope Tank is well, and thank you for the monster and pin love!! Have a great weekend!