Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monster Making Keeps Getting More "Awsom"

Hello! Happy Thursday :)

I will be sewing my weekend away again! With 3 upcoming shows starting next weekend. Ack! I am not quite ready, or, ready at all, but I will be :) I had an overwhelming monster adoption at OBTY in Red Deer. THANK YOU so much to everyone who adopted! Since then, I have had over 30 more monsters ordered! Of course,I love all the monster love :) - But, I especially love these little letters that I recently recieved. So I had to share.

I will definitely be hanging on to these, so cute! I hope to have these monsters completed soon, hopefully meeting Cole & Belle's specifications very closely!

Have a great weekend! xx

(P.S) Click on the pic and it will enlarge for you :)