Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hi :) Surprisingly enough, it hasn't been 27 days since my last post, although it's been long enough! I've had a crazy couple of weeks, & balance is lacking. We had a break in at work, my computer went missing, along with 7 months of data, that was not backed up to disc :(
So I have been digging my way out of paper piles for a week now.

My button shop has been crazy busy, & consumes 1 to 2 hours of my time each night. Then, there are those 4 teenagers in my house, whom are busy with Physics - hate it, Basketball - lots of travelling, usually in 2 different directions, and we are currently teaching #3 to drive. His test is today, ACK! I'm nervous! Although, I think he is going to do awesome.
I had to cancel out of the Winterfest Market in Sylvan this month, I couldn't possibly be ready for it. But, I have begun the HUGE task of sewing alot of monsters for the Lilac Festival, which is in May, in Calgary, I will be posting more on that as it gets closer.

I will also be posting a handfull of monsters in my etsy shop today :)

Watch for Sherman, and Valentines goodies SOON! xo

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