Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I find myself neglecting my blog alot, but I don`t always have alot of info, or any, to post! So, I thought I would do a little... what`s happening, Wednesday.

This little guy is my Beastlie friend, Doosle, hanging out in one of my pots that I picked up at costco :) I am patiently waiting for plant season :) - Tis one of my favorite times of year!

Currently -

- I have about 18 days until Lilac Festival, and am currently
counting 130 ish monsters (lots of time left to reach 200! ha)

- I do know my location, but can`t remember it.
I know I am on 17th Avenue, will post exact spot soon!

- Renovations are happening in my house, & I am living in a bit of disaster. For those of you that know me, know I don`t deal with disaster well. New carpet & lino in 6 days, can`t wait! A portion of Mother`s Day will be spent pulling out old carpet, exciting, yet gross, at the same time!

- I believe it`s true what they say. Want you kids to leave home. Stop cooking with cheese. I am not quite ready for them to leave yet, but if they could pitch in for groceries, that would be AWESOME :) - 4 Growing Teenagers = Craziness. 

- Instagram is my new favorite thing! I adore my iphone, and instagram makes it THAT much better! The above photo is courtesy of them both, Iphone + Instagram.


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